Intersection Letters

Intersection SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
N-Ary Intersection⋂⋂U+22C2
Double Intersection⋒⋒U+22D2
Electrical Intersection⏧⏧U+23E7
N-Ary Square Intersection Operator⨅⨅U+2A05
Integral With Intersection⨙⨙U+2A19
Intersection With Dot⩀⩀U+2A40
Intersection With Overbar⩃⩃U+2A43
Intersection With Logical And⩄⩄U+2A44
Union Above Intersection⩆⩆U+2A46
Intersection Above Union⩇⩇U+2A47
Union Above Bar Above Intersection⩈⩈U+2A48
Intersection Above Bar Above Union⩉⩉U+2A49
Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection⩋⩋U+2A4B
Closed Intersection With Serifs⩍⩍U+2A4D
Double Square Intersection⩎⩎U+2A4E
Transversal Intersection⫛⫛U+2ADB


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