Male Sign Letters

🗃 🗳 🗵 🗷 🗹 🍱

Box SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
X In A Rectangle Box⌧⌧U+2327
Shouldered Open Box⍽⍽U+237D
Ballot Box☐☐U+2610
Ballot Box With Check☑☑U+2611
Ballot Box With X☒☒U+2612
Ballot Box With Light X⮽⮽U+2BBD
🗃Card File Box🗃🗃U+1F5C3
🗳Ballot Box With Ballot🗳🗳U+1F5F3
🗵Ballot Box With Script X🗵🗵U+1F5F5
🗷Ballot Box With Bold Script X🗷🗷U+1F5F7
🗹Ballot Box With Bold Check🗹🗹U+1F5F9
Square Left Open Box Operator⫍⫍U+2ACD
Square Right Open Box Operator⫎⫎U+2ACE
Cjk Radical Box⺆&#x2E+86;U+2E+86
Kangxi Radical Down Box⼌⼌U+2F0C
Kangxi Radical Open Box⼐⼐U+2F10
Kangxi Radical Right Open Box⼕⼕U+2F15
🍱Bento Box🍱🍱U+1F371


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