Bracket Letters

[ ] { } ︿ 𝄕

Bracket SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
[Left Square Bracket[[U+005B
]Right Square Bracket]]U+005D
{Left Curly Bracket{{U+007B
}Right Curly Bracket}}U+007D
Left Square Bracket With Quill⁅⁅U+2045
Right Square Bracket With Quill⁆⁆U+2046
Left-Pointing Angle Bracket〈〈U+2329
Right-Pointing Angle Bracket〉〉U+232A
Left Square Bracket Upper Corner⎡⎡U+23A1
Left Square Bracket Extension⎢⎢U+23A2
Left Square Bracket Lower Corner⎣⎣U+23A3
Right Square Bracket Upper Corner⎤⎤U+23A4
Right Square Bracket Extension⎥⎥U+23A5
Right Square Bracket Lower Corner⎦⎦U+23A6
Left Curly Bracket Upper Hook⎧⎧U+23A7
Left Curly Bracket Middle Piece⎨⎨U+23A8
Left Curly Bracket Lower Hook⎩⎩U+23A9
Curly Bracket Extension⎪⎪U+23AA
Right Curly Bracket Upper Hook⎫⎫U+23AB
Right Curly Bracket Middle Piece⎬⎬U+23AC
Right Curly Bracket Lower Hook⎭⎭U+23AD
Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section⎰⎰U+23B0
Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section⎱⎱U+23B1
Top Square Bracket⎴⎴U+23B4
Bottom Square Bracket⎵⎵U+23B5
Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket⎶⎶U+23B6
Top Curly Bracket⏞⏞U+23DE
Bottom Curly Bracket⏟⏟U+23DF
Top Tortoise Shell Bracket⏠⏠U+23E0
Bottom Tortoise Shell Bracket⏡⏡U+23E1
Medium Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❬❬U+276C
Medium Right-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❭❭U+276D
Heavy Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❰❰U+2770
Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❱❱U+2771
Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament❲❲U+2772
Light Right Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament❳❳U+2773
Medium Left Curly Bracket Ornament❴❴U+2774
Medium Right Curly Bracket Ornament❵❵U+2775
Mathematical Left White Square Bracket⟦⟦U+27E6
Mathematical Right White Square Bracket⟧⟧U+27E7
Mathematical Left Angle Bracket⟨⟨U+27E8
Mathematical Right Angle Bracket⟩⟩U+27E9
Mathematical Left Double Angle Bracket⟪⟪U+27EA
Mathematical Right Double Angle Bracket⟫⟫U+27EB
Mathematical Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket⟬⟬U+27EC
Mathematical Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket⟭⟭U+27ED
Left White Curly Bracket⦃⦃U+2983
Right White Curly Bracket⦄⦄U+2984
Z Notation Left Image Bracket⦇⦇U+2987
Z Notation Right Image Bracket⦈⦈U+2988
Z Notation Left Binding Bracket⦉⦉U+2989
Z Notation Right Binding Bracket&#10634⦊U+298A
Left Square Bracket With Under Bar⦋⦋U+298B
Right Square Bracket With Under Bar⦌⦌U+298C
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Top Corner⦍⦍U+298D
Right Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom Corner⦎⦎U+298E
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom Corner⦏⦏U+298F
Right Square Bracket With Tick In Top Corner⦐⦐U+2990
Left Angle Bracket With Dot⦑⦑U+2991
Right Angle Bracket With Dot⦒⦒U+2992
Left Arc Less-Than Bracket⦓⦓U+2993
Right Arc Greater-Than Bracket⦔⦔U+2994
Double Left Arc Greater-Than Bracket⦕⦕U+2995
Double Right Arc Less-Than Bracket⦖⦖U+2996
Left Black Tortoise Shell Bracket⦗⦗U+2997
Right Black Tortoise Shell Bracket⦘⦘U+2998
Left-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket⧼⧼U+29FC
Right-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket⧽⧽U+29FD
Left Substitution Bracket⸂⸂U+2E02
Right Substitution Bracket⸃⸃U+2E03
Left Dotted Substitution Bracket⸄⸄U+2E04
Right Dotted Substitution Bracket⸅⸅U+2E05
Left Transposition Bracket⸉⸉U+2E09
Right Transposition Bracket⸊⸊U+2E0A
Left Raised Omission Bracket⸌⸌U+2E0C
Right Raised Omission Bracket⸍⸍U+2E0D
Left Low Paraphrase Bracket⸜⸜U+2E1C
Right Low Paraphrase Bracket⸝⸝U+2E1D
Top Left Half Bracket⸢⸢U+2E22
Top Right Half Bracket⸣⸣U+2E23
Bottom Left Half Bracket⸤⸤U+2E24
Bottom Right Half Bracket⸥⸥U+2E25
Left Sideways U Bracket⸦⸦U+2E26
Right Sideways U Bracket⸧⸧U+2E27
Left Angle Bracket〈〈U+3008
Right Angle Bracket〉〉U+3009
Left Double Angle Bracket《《U+300A
Right Double Angle Bracket》》U+300B
Left Corner Bracket「「U+300C
Right Corner Bracket」」U+300D
Left White Corner Bracket『『U+300E
Right White Corner Bracket』』U+300F
Left Black Lenticular Bracket【【U+3010
Right Black Lenticular Bracket】】U+3011
Left Tortoise Shell Bracket〔〔U+3014
Right Tortoise Shell Bracket〕〕U+3015
Left White Lenticular Bracket〖〖U+3016
Right White Lenticular Bracket〗〗U+3017
Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket〘〘U+3018
Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket〙〙U+3019
Left White Square Bracket〚〚U+301A
Right White Square Bracket〛〛U+301B
Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Lenticular Bracket︗︗U+FE17
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Curly Bracket︷︷U+FE37
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Curly Bracket︸︸U+FE38
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Tortoise Shell Bracket︹︹U+FE39
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Tortoise Shell Bracket︺︺U+FE3A
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Black Lenticular Bracket︻︻U+FE3B
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Black Lenticular Bracket︼︼U+FE3C
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Double Angle Bracket︽︽U+FE3D
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Double Angle Bracket︾︾U+FE3E
︿Presentation Form For Vertical Left Angle Bracket︿︿U+FE3F
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Angle Bracket﹀﹀U+FE40
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Corner Bracket﹁﹁U+FE41
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Corner Bracket﹂﹂U+FE42
Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Corner Bracket﹃﹃U+FE43
Presentation Form For Vertical Right White Corner Bracket﹄﹄U+FE44
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Square Bracket﹇﹇U+FE47
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Square Bracket﹈﹈U+FE48
Small Left Curly Bracket﹛﹛U+FE5B
Small Right Curly Bracket﹜﹜U+FE5C
Small Left Tortoise Shell Bracket﹝﹝U+FE5D
Small Right Tortoise Shell Bracket﹞﹞U+FE5E
Fullwidth Left Square Bracket[[U+FF3B
Fullwidth Right Square Bracket]]U+FF3D
Fullwidth Left Curly Bracket{{U+FF5B
Fullwidth Right Curly Bracket}}U+FF5D
Halfwidth Left Corner Bracket「「U+FF62
Halfwidth Right Corner Bracket」」U+FF63
𝄕Musical Symbol Bracket𝄕𝄕U+1D115


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