Check Mark Letters


Check SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Check Mark Symbol✓✓U+2713
Heavy Check Mark Symbol✔✔U+2714
White Heavy Check Mark Symbol✅✅U+2705
Heavy Ballot X Symbol✘✘U+2718
Cross Mark Symbol❌❌U+274C
Heavy Multiplication X Symbol✖✖U+2716
Multiplication X Symbol✕✕U+2715
Negative Squared Cross Mark Symbol❎❎U+274E
Saltire Symbol☓☓U+2613
Ballot X Symbol✗✗U+2717
Ballot Box With X Symbol☒☒U+2612
Ballot Box With Check Symbol☑☑U+2611
💯 Hundred Points Symbol💯💯U+1F4AF
Square Root/ tic√√U+221A
Not Check Mark⍻⍻U+237B
Ballot Box, Blank Checkbox, Empty Checkbox☐☐U+2610


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