Circle Letters

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Circle SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Black Circle●●U+25CF
Circle With Left Half Black◐◐U+25D0
Circle With Right Half Black◑◑U+25D1
Circle With Lower Half Black◒◒U+25D2
Circle With Upper Half Black◓◓U+25D3
Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black◔◔U+25D4
Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black◕◕U+25D5
Left Half Black Circle◖◖U+25D6
Right Half Black Circle◗◗U+25D7
Inverse White Circle◙◙U+25D9
Upper Half Inverse White Circle◚◚U+25DA
Lower Half Inverse White Circle◛◛U+25DB
Upper Half Circle◠◠U+25E0
Lower Half Circle◡◡U+25E1
Large Circle◯◯U+25EF
White Circle○○U+25CB
Dotted Circle◌◌U+25CC
Circle With Vertical Fill◍◍U+25CD
White Circle With Dot Right⚆⚆U+2686
White Circle With Two Dots⚇⚇U+2687
Black Circle With White Dot Right⚈⚈U+2688
Black Circle With Two White Dots⚉⚉U+2689
Medium White Circle⚪⚪U+26AA
Medium Black Circle⚫⚫U+26AB
Medium Small White Circle⚬⚬U+26AC
Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square⛞⛞U+26DE
Heavy Circle With Stroke And Two Dots Above⛣⛣U+26E3
Shadowed White Circle❍❍U+274D
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit One➊➊U+278A
Up Tack With Circle Above⟟⟟U+27DF
Anticlockwise Gapped Circle Arrow⟲⟲U+27F2
Clockwise Gapped Circle Arrow⟳⟳U+27F3
Anticlockwise Closed Circle Arrow⥀⥀U+2940
Clockwise Closed Circle Arrow⥁⥁U+2941
Left Right Arrow Through Small Circle⥈⥈U+2948
Upwards Two-Headed Arrow From Small Circle⥉⥉U+2949
Empty Set With Small Circle Above⦲⦲U+29B2
Circle With Horizontal Bar⦵⦵U+29B5
Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar⦺⦺U+29BA
Circle With Superimposed X⦻⦻U+29BB
Up Arrow Through Circle⦽⦽U+29BD
Circle With Small Circle To The Right⧂⧂U+29C2
Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right⧃⧃U+29C3
Squared Small Circle⧇⧇U+29C7
White Circle With Down Arrow⧬⧬U+29EC
Black Circle With Down Arrow⧭⧭U+29ED
Error-Barred White Circle⧲⧲U+29F2
Error-Barred Black Circle⧳⧳U+29F3
Plus Sign With Small Circle Above⨢⨢U+2A22
Plus Sign In Left Half Circle⨭⨭U+2A2D
Plus Sign In Right Half Circle⨮⨮U+2A2E
Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle⨴⨴U+2A34
Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle⨵⨵U+2A35
Multiplication Sign In Double Circle⨷⨷U+2A37
Less-Than With Circle Inside⩹⩹U+2A79
Greater-Than With Circle Inside⩺⩺U+2A7A
Vertical Line With Circle Above⫯⫯U+2AEF
Vertical Line With Circle Below⫰⫰U+2AF0
Down Tack With Circle Below⫱⫱U+2AF1
Black Large Circle⬤⬤U+2B24
Left Arrow With Small Circle⬰⬰U+2B30
Heavy Large Circle⭕⭕U+2B55
Heavy Circle With Circle Inside⭗⭗U+2B57
Heavy Circle⭘⭘U+2B58
Halfwidth White Circle○○U+FFEE
𐩑Kharoshthi Punctuation Small Circle𐩑𐩑U+10A51
𐩒Kharoshthi Punctuation Circle𐩒𐩒U+10A52
𝅅Musical Symbol Circle X Notehead𝅅𝅅U+1D145
🔁Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows🔁🔁U+1F501
🔂Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows With Circled One Overlay🔂🔂U+1F502
🔃Clockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows🔃🔃U+1F503
🔄Anticlockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows🔄🔄U+1F504
🔴Large Red Circle🔴🔴U+1F534
🔵Large Blue Circle🔵🔵U+1F535
🕁Cross Pommee With Half-Circle Below🕁🕁U+1F541
Black Circle For Record⏺⏺U+23FA
Clockwise Triangle-Headed Open Circle Arrow⭮⭮U+2B6E
Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Open Circle Arrow⭯⭯U+2B6F
Top Half Black Circle⯊⯊U+2BCA
Bottom Half Black Circle⯋⯋U+2BCB
🔾Lower Right Shadowed White Circle🔾🔾U+1F53E
🔿Upper Right Shadowed White Circle🔿🔿U+1F53F
🞄Black Slightly Small Circle🞄🞄U+1F784
🞅Medium Bold White Circle🞅🞅U+1F785
🞇Heavy White Circle🞇🞇U+1F787
🞉Extremely Heavy White Circle🞉🞉U+1F789
White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant◴◴U+25F4
White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant◵◵U+25F5
White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant◶◶U+25F6
White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant◷◷U+25F7
Tibetan Cantillation Sign Heavy Beat࿀࿀U+0FC0
Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrow↺↺U+21BA
Clockwise Open Circle Arrow↻↻U+21BB
Right Arrow With A Small Circle⇴⇴U+21F4
Empty Set∅∅U+2205
Circled Plus⊕⊕U+2295
Diameter Sign⌀⌀U+2300
Position Indicator⌖⌖U+2316
Apl Functional Symbol Quad Circle⌼⌼U+233C
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Stile⌽⌽U+233D
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Jot⌾⌾U+233E
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Backslash⍉⍉U+2349
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Underbar⍜⍜U+235C
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star⍟⍟U+235F
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Diaeresis⍥⍥U+2365
Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow⎋⎋U+238B
Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Circle⏀⏀U+23C0
Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Circle⏁⏁U+23C1
Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Circle⏂⏂U+23C2
Benzene Ring With Circle⏣⏣U+23E3
Circled Digit One①①U+2460
Circled Digit Two②②U+2461
Circled Digit Three③③U+2462
Circled Digit Four④④U+2463
Circled Digit Five⑤⑤U+2464
Circled Digit Seven⑦⑦U+2466
Circled Digit Eight⑧⑧U+2467
Circled Digit Nine⑨⑨U+2468
Circled Number Ten⑩⑩U+2469
Circled White Star ✪✪U+272A
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star❂❂U+2742
Circled Postal Mark〶〶U+3036
Recycled Paper Symbol♼♼U+267C
Yin Yang☯☯U+262F
Circled Crossing Lanes⛒⛒U+26D2
Telephone Location Sign✆✆U+2706
Sixteen Pointed Asterisk✺✺U+273A
©Copyright Sign©©U+00A9
Circled Asterisk Operator⊛⊛U+229B
®Registered Sign®®U+00AE
Sound Recording Copyright℗℗U+2117
Circled Dash ⊝⊝U+229D
Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow⎋⎋U+238B
Squared Small Circle⧇⧇U+29C7
Circled Parallel⦷⦷U+29B7
Circled Vertical Bar⦶⦶U+29B6


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