Diamond Letters

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Diamond SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Diamond Operator Symbol⋄⋄U+22C4
Black Diamond Symbol◆◆U+25C6
White Diamond Symbol◇◇U+25C7
White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond Symbol◈◈U+25C8
White Diamond Suit Symbol♢♢U+2662
Diamond With Left Half Black Symbol⬖⬖U+2B16
Diamond With Right Half Black Symbol⬗⬗U+2B17
Diamond With Top Half Black Symbol⬘⬘U+2B18
Diamond With Bottom Half Black Symbol⬙⬙U+2B19
Black Medium Diamond Symbol⬥⬥U+2B25
White Medium Diamond Symbol⬦⬦U+2B26
Black Small Diamond Symbol⬩⬩U+2B29
Black Diamond Suit Symbol♦♦U+2666
Apl Functional Symbol Quad Diamond Symbol⌺⌺U+233A
Apl Functional Symbol Diamond Underbar Symbol⍚⍚U+235A
White Diamond In Square Symbol⛋⛋U+26CB
Black Diamond Minus White X Symbol❖❖U+2756
White Diamond With Centred Dot Symbol⟐⟐U+27D0
White Concave-Sided Diamond Symbol⟡⟡U+27E1
White Concave-Sided Diamond With Leftwards Tick Symbol⟢⟢U+27E2
White Concave-Sided Diamond With Rightwards Tick Symbol⟣⟣U+27E3
Black Diamond With Down Arrow Symbol⧪⧪U+29EA
Error-Barred White Diamond Symbol⧰⧰U+29F0
Error-Barred Black Diamond Symbol⧱⧱U+29F1
💍Ring Symbol💍💍U+1F48D
💎Gem Stone Symbol💎💎U+1F48E
💠Diamond Shape With A Dot Inside Symbol💠💠U+1F4A0
🔶Large Orange Diamond Symbol🔶🔶U+1F536
🔷Large Blue Diamond Symbol🔷🔷U+1F537
🔸Small Orange Diamond Symbol🔸🔸U+1F538
🔹Small Blue Diamond Symbol🔹🔹U+1F539
Black Diamond Centred Symbol⯁⯁U+2BC1
Leftwards Arrow To Black Diamond Symbol⤝⤝U+291D
Rightwards Arrow To Black Diamond Symbol⤞⤞U+291E
Leftwards Arrow From Bar To Black Symbol Diamond⤟⤟U+291F
Rightwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond Symbol⤠⤠U+2920
🞗Black Tiny Diamond Symbol🞗🞗U+1F797
🞘Black Very Small Diamond Symbol🞘🞘U+1F798
🞚White Diamond Containing Black Very Small Diamond Symbol🞚🞚U+1F79A
🞛White Diamond Containing Black Medium Diamond Symbol🞛🞛U+1F79B
🞜Diamond Target Symbol🞜🞜U+1F79C


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