Dot Letters

· ⦿ ¤ 🅐 🅑 🅒 🅓 🅔 🅕 🅖 🅗 🅘 🅙 🅚 🅛

·Dot (Middle Dot)U+00B7
Horizontal Ellipsis (Three Dots)U+2026
Dot Bullet Operator U+2219
Dot Minus U+2238
Bullet U+2022
Inverse BulletU+25D8
White CircleU+25CB
Inverse White CircleU+25D9
White BulletU+25E6
Circled White BulletU+29BE
⦿Circled BulletU+29BF
¤Currency SignU+00A4
Circled Dot Operator U+2299
Squared Dot Operator U+22A1
Inverse Bullet U+25D8
Inverse White Circle U+25D9
Sun U+2609
White Circle With Dot RightU+2686
Black Circle With White Dot RightU+2688
N-Ary Circled Dot Operator U+2A00
Black Leftwards BulletU+204C
Black Rightwards BulletU+204D
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit OneU+278A
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit TwoU+278B
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit ThreeU+278C
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit FourU+278D
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit FiveU+278E
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit SixU+278F
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit SevenU+2790
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit EightU+2791
Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit NineU+2792
White Sun With RaysU+263C
Black Smiling FaceU+263B
White Smiling FaceU+263A
Therefore U+2234
Because U+2235
Proportion U+2237
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star U+2742
Radioactive SignU+2622
Circled Times U+2297
Medium Black Circle U+26AB
Medium White Circle U+26AA
Circled White StarU+272A
Apl Functional Symbol Circle StarU+235F
Circled Heavy White Rightwards Arrow U+27B2
N-Ary Circled Dot OperatorU+2A00
Heavy Large CircleU+2B55
Black Large CircleU+2B24
N-Ary Circled Times OperatorU+2A02
Circled Digit ZeroU+24EA
Negative Circled Digit Zero U+24FF
Circled Latin Small Letter A U+24D0
Circled Latin Small Letter B U+24D1
Circled Latin Small Letter C U+24D2
Circled Latin Small Letter D U+24D3
Circled Latin Small Letter E U+24D4
Circled Latin Small Letter F U+24D5
Circled Latin Small Letter G U+24D6
Circled Latin Small Letter H U+24D7
Circled Latin Small Letter I U+24D8
Circled Latin Small Letter JU+24D9
Circled Latin Small Letter K U+24DA
Circled Latin Small Letter LU+24DB
🅐Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter AU+1F150
🅑Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter B U+1F151
🅒Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter CU+1F152
🅓Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter D U+1F153
🅔Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter E U+1F154
🅕Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter FU+1F155
🅖Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter GU+1F156
🅗Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter HU+1F157
🅘Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter I U+1F158
🅙Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter JU+1F159
🅚Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter K U+1F15A
🅛Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter LU+1F15B


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