Double Arrow Letters

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Leftwards Double ArrowU+21D0
Upwards Double ArrowU+21D1
Rightwards Double ArrowU+21D2
Downwards Double ArrowU+21D3
North West Double ArrowU+21D6
North East Double ArrowU+21D7
South East Double ArrowU+21D8
South West Double ArrowU+21D9
Leftwards Double Arrow With StrokeU+21CD
Rightwards Double Arrow With StrokeU+21CF
Upwards Arrow With Double StrokeU+21DE
Downwards Arrow With Double StrokeU+21DF
Left Right Double ArrowU+21D4
«Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation MarkU+00AB
»Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation MarkU+00BB
Left Right Double Arrow With StrokeU+21CE
Up Down Double ArrowU+21D5
Upwards White Double ArrowU+21EE
Upwards White Double Arrow On PedestalU+21EF
Long Leftwards Double ArrowU+27F8
Long Rightwards Double ArrowU+27F9
Long Left Right Double ArrowU+27FA
Long Leftwards Double Arrow From BarU+27FD
Long Rightwards Double Arrow From BarU+27FE
Leftwards Double Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+2902
Rightwards Double Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+2903
Left Right Double Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+2904
Leftwards Double Arrow From BarU+2906
Rightwards Double Arrow From BarU+2907
Right Double Arrow With Rounded HeadU+2970


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