SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
🔠input latin uppercaseU+1F520
🔡input latin lowercaseU+1F521
🔢input numbersU+1F522
🔣input symbolsU+1F523
🔤input latin lettersU+1F524
🅰️A button (blood type)U+1F170 FE0F
🅰A button (blood type)U+1F170
🆎AB button (blood type)U+1F18E
🅱️B button (blood type)U+1F171 FE0F
🅱B button (blood type)U+1F171
🆑CL buttonU+1F191
🆒COOL buttonU+1F192
🆓FREE buttonU+1F193
ℹ️informationU+2139 FE0F
🆔ID buttonU+1F194
Ⓜ️circled MU+24C2 FE0F
circled MU+24C2
🆕NEW buttonU+1F195
🆖NG buttonU+1F196
🅾️O button (blood type)U+1F17E FE0F
🅾O button (blood type)U+1F17E
🆗OK buttonU+1F197
🅿️P buttonU+1F17F FE0F
🅿P buttonU+1F17F
🆘SOS buttonU+1F198
🆙UP! buttonU+1F199
🆚VS buttonU+1F19A
🈁Japanese “here” buttonU+1F201
🈂️Japanese “service charge” buttonU+1F202 FE0F
🈂Japanese “service charge” buttonU+1F202
🈷️Japanese “monthly amount” buttonU+1F237 FE0F
🈷Japanese “monthly amount” buttonU+1F237
🈶Japanese “not free of charge” buttonU+1F236
🈯Japanese “reserved” buttonU+1F22F
🉐Japanese “bargain” buttonU+1F250
🈹Japanese “discount” buttonU+1F239
🈚Japanese “free of charge” buttonU+1F21A
🈲Japanese “prohibited” buttonU+1F232
🉑Japanese “acceptable” buttonU+1F251
🈸Japanese “application” buttonU+1F238
🈴Japanese “passing grade” buttonU+1F234
🈳Japanese “vacancy” buttonU+1F233
㊗️Japanese “congratulations” buttonU+3297 FE0F
Japanese “congratulations” buttonU+3297
㊙️Japanese “secret” buttonU+3299 FE0F
Japanese “secret” buttonU+3299
🈺Japanese “open for business” buttonU+1F23A
🈵Japanese “no vacancy” buttonU+1F235



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