Smiling face


SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
😀grinning faceU+1F600
😃grinning face with big eyesU+1F603
😄grinning face with smiling eyesU+1F604
😁beaming face with smiling eyesU+1F601
😆grinning squinting faceU+1F606
😅grinning face with sweatU+1F605
🤣rolling on the floor laughingU+1F923
😂face with tears of joyU+1F602
🙂slightly smiling faceU+1F642
🙃upside-down faceU+1F643
😉winking faceU+1F609
😊smiling face with smiling eyesU+1F60A
😇smiling face with haloU+1F607

Smiling face


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