'Equal To' Symbol Letters

= ⩿

Equal To SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
=Equals Sign==U+003D
Superscript Equals Sign⁼⁼U+207C
Subscript Equals Sign₌₌U+208C
Modifier Letter Short Equals Sign꞊꞊U+A78A
Small Equals Sign﹦﹦U+FE66
Fullwidth Equals Sign==U+FF1D
Asymptotically Equal To≃≃U+2243
Not Asymptotically Equal To≄≄U+2244
Approximately Equal To≅≅U+2245
Approximately But Not Actually Equal To≆≆U+2246
Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To≇≇U+2247
Almost Equal To≈≈U+2248
Not Almost Equal To≉≉U+2249
Almost Equal or Equal To≊≊U+224A
All Equal To≌≌U+224C
Geometrically Equal To≑≑U+2251
Approximately Equal to or the Image Of≒≒U+2252
Image of or Approximately Equal To≓≓U+2253
Colon Equals≔≔U+2254
Equals Colon≕≕U+2255
Ring In Equal To≖≖U+2256
Ring Equal To≗≗U+2257
Star Equals≛≛U+225B
Delta Equal To≜≜U+225C
Equal to By Definition≝≝U+225D
Questioned Equal To≟≟U+225F
Not Equal To≠≠U+2260
Less-Than or Equal To≤≤U+2264
Greater-Than or Equal To≥≥U+2265
Less-Than Over Equal To≦≦U+2266
Greater-Than Over Equal To≧≧U+2267
Less-Than But Not Equal To≨≨U+2268
Greater-Than But Not Equal To≩≩U+2269
Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To≰≰U+2270
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To≱≱U+2271
Precedes or Equal To≼≼U+227C
Succeeds or Equal To≽≽U+227D
Subset of or Equal To⊆⊆U+2286
Superset of or Equal To⊇⊇U+2287
Neither A Subset of Nor Equal To⊈⊈U+2288
Neither A Superset of Nor Equal To⊉⊉U+2289
Subset of with Not Equal To⊊⊊U+228A
Superset of with Not Equal To⊋⊋U+228B
Square Image of or Equal To⊑⊑U+2291
Square Original of or Equal To⊒⊒U+2292
Circled Equals⊜⊜U+229C
Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⊴⊴U+22B4
Contains as Normal Subgroup or Equal To⊵⊵U+22B5
Reversed Tilde Equals⋍⋍U+22CD
Equal and Parallel To⋕⋕U+22D5
Less-Than Equal to or Greater-Than⋚⋚U+22DA
Greater-Than Equal to or Less-Than⋛⋛U+22DB
Equal to or Less-Than⋜⋜U+22DC
Equal to or Greater-Than⋝⋝U+22DD
Equal to or Precedes⋞⋞U+22DE
Equal to or Succeeds⋟⋟U+22DF
Does Not Precede or Equal⋠⋠U+22E0
Does Not Succeed or Equal⋡⋡U+22E1
Not Square Image of or Equal To⋢⋢U+22E2
Not Square Original of or Equal To⋣⋣U+22E3
Square Image of or Not Equal To⋤⋤U+22E4
Square Original of or Not Equal To⋥⋥U+22E5
Not Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⋬⋬U+22EC
Does Not Contain as Normal Subgroup or Equal⋭⋭U+22ED
APL Functional Symbol Quad Equal⌸⌸U+2338
APL Functional Symbol Quad Not Equal⍯⍯U+236F
Equals Sign Above Rightwards Arrow⥱⥱U+2971
Rightwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⥵⥵U+2975
Equals Sign and Slanted Parallel⧣⧣U+29E3
Equals Sign and Slanted Parallel with Tilde Above⧤⧤U+29E4
Equals Sign with Dot Below⩦⩦U+2A66
Equals with Asterisk⩮⩮U+2A6E
Almost Equal to with Circumflex Accent⩯⩯U+2A6F
Approximately Equal or Equal To⩰⩰U+2A70
Equals Sign Above Plus Sign⩱⩱U+2A71
Plus Sign Above Equals Sign⩲⩲U+2A72
Equals Sign Above Tilde Operator⩳⩳U+2A73
Double Colon Equal⩴⩴U+2A74
Two Consecutive Equals Signs⩵⩵U+2A75
Three Consecutive Equals Signs⩶⩶U+2A76
Equals Sign with Two Dots Above and Two Dots Below⩷⩷U+2A77
Less-Than or Slanted Equal To⩽⩽U+2A7D
Greater-Than or Slanted Equal To⩾⩾U+2A7E
⩿Less-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Inside⩿⩿U+2A7F
Greater-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Inside⪀⪀U+2A80
Less-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Above⪁⪁U+2A81
Greater-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Above⪂⪂U+2A82
Less-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Above Right⪃⪃U+2A83
Greater-Than or Slanted Equal to with Dot Above Left⪄⪄U+2A84
Less-Than and Single-Line Not Equal To⪇⪇U+2A87
Greater-Than and Single-Line Not Equal To⪈⪈U+2A88
Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Greater-Than⪋⪋U+2A8B
Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Less-Than⪌⪌U+2A8C
Less-Than Above Similar or Equal⪍⪍U+2A8D
Greater-Than Above Similar or Equal⪎⪎U+2A8E
Less-Than Above Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal⪑⪑U+2A91
Greater-Than Above Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal⪒⪒U+2A92
Less-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal⪓⪓U+2A93
Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Less-Than Above Slanted Equal⪔⪔U+2A94
Slanted Equal to or Less-Than⪕⪕U+2A95
Slanted Equal to or Greater-Than⪖⪖U+2A96
Slanted Equal to or Less-Than with Dot Inside⪗⪗U+2A97
Slanted Equal to or Greater-Than with Dot Inside⪘⪘U+2A98
Double-Line Equal to or Less-Than⪙⪙U+2A99
Double-Line Equal to or Greater-Than⪚⪚U+2A9A
Double-Line Slanted Equal to or Less-Than⪛⪛U+2A9B
Double-Line Slanted Equal to or Greater-Than⪜⪜U+2A9C
Similar Above Less-Than Above Equals Sign⪟⪟U+2A9F
Similar Above Greater-Than Above Equals Sign⪠⪠U+2AA0
Less-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal⪨⪨U+2AA8
Greater-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal⪩⪩U+2AA9
Smaller Than or Equal To⪬⪬U+2AAC
Larger Than or Equal To⪭⪭U+2AAD
Equals Sign with Bumpy Above⪮⪮U+2AAE
Precedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign⪯⪯U+2AAF
Succeeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign⪰⪰U+2AB0
Precedes Above Single-Line Not Equal To⪱⪱U+2AB1
Succeeds Above Single-Line Not Equal To⪲⪲U+2AB2
Precedes Above Equals Sign⪳⪳U+2AB3
Succeeds Above Equals Sign⪴⪴U+2AB4
Precedes Above Not Equal To⪵⪵U+2AB5
Succeeds Above Not Equal To⪶⪶U+2AB6
Precedes Above Almost Equal To⪷⪷U+2AB7
Succeeds Above Almost Equal To⪸⪸U+2AB8
Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To⪹⪹U+2AB9
Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To⪺⪺U+2ABA
Subset of or Equal to with Dot Above⫃⫃U+2AC3
Superset of or Equal to with Dot Above⫄⫄U+2AC4
Subset of Above Equals Sign⫅⫅U+2AC5
Superset of Above Equals Sign⫆⫆U+2AC6
Subset of Above Almost Equal To⫉⫉U+2AC9
Superset of Above Almost Equal To⫊⫊U+2ACA
Subset of Above Not Equal To⫋⫋U+2ACB
Superset of Above Not Equal To⫌⫌U+2ACC
Closed Subset or Equal To⫑⫑U+2AD1
Closed Superset or Equal To⫒⫒U+2AD2
Double-Line Slanted Less-Than or Equal To⫹⫹U+2AF9
Double-Line Slanted Greater-Than or Equal To⫺⫺U+2AFA
Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow⭀⭀U+2B40
Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭂⭂U+2B42
Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭈⭈U+2B48
Leftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⭊⭊U+2B4A


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