Telephone Letters

📞 🕻 🕼 🕽 🕾 🕿 🖀

Telephone SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Telephone Sign℡℡U+2121
Telephone Recorder⌕⌕U+2315
Black Telephone☎☎U+260E
White Telephone☏☏U+260F
Telephone Location Sign✆✆U+2706
📞Telephone Receiver📞📞U+1F4DE
🕻Left Hand Telephone Receiver🕻🕻U+1F57B
🕼Telephone Receiver With Page🕼🕼U+1F57C
🕽Right Hand Telephone Receiver🕽🕽U+1F57D
🕾White Touchtone Telephone🕾🕾U+1F57E
🕿Black Touchtone Telephone🕿🕿U+1F57F
🖀Telephone On Top Of Modem🖀🖀U+1F580


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