Triangle Letters

𝅈 𝅉 𝅊 𝅋 𝅌 𝅍 𝅎 𝅏 𝅐 𝅑 𝅔 𝅕 🔺 🔻 🔼 🔽 🛆 🞀 🞁 🞂 🞃 🟕 🟖 🢐 🢑 🢒 🢓 🢔 🢕 🢖 🢗 ׯ

Triangle SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle⏴⏴U+23F4
Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle⏵⏵U+23F5
Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle⏶⏶U+23F6
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle⏷⏷U+23F7
Black Up-Pointing Triangle▲▲U+25B2
White Up-Pointing Triangle△△U+25B3
Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle▴▴U+25B4
White Up-Pointing Small Triangle▵▵U+25B5
Black Right-Pointing Triangle▶▶U+25B6
White Right-Pointing Triangle▷▷U+25B7
Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle▸▸U+25B8
White Right-Pointing Small Triangle▹▹U+25B9
Black Down-Pointing Triangle▼▼U+25BC
White Down-Pointing Triangle▽▽U+25BD
Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle▾▾U+25BE
White Down-Pointing Small Triangle▿▿U+25BF
Black Left-Pointing Triangle◀◀U+25C0
White Left-Pointing Triangle◁◁U+25C1
Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle◂◂U+25C2
White Left-Pointing Small Triangle◃◃U+25C3
Black Lower Right Triangle◢◢U+25E2
Black Lower Left Triangle◣◣U+25E3
Black Upper Left Triangle◤◤U+25E4
Black Upper Right Triangle◥◥U+25E5
White Up-Pointing Triangle with Dot◬◬U+25EC
Up-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black◭◭U+25ED
Up-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black◮◮U+25EE
Upper Left Triangle◸◸U+25F8
Upper Right Triangle◹◹U+25F9
Lower Left Triangle◺◺U+25FA
Lower Right Triangle◿◿U+25FF
Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle⛛⛛U+26DB
White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle⟁⟁U+27C1
Triangle with Dot Above⧊⧊U+29CA
Triangle with Underbar⧋⧋U+29CB
S In Triangle⧌⧌U+29CC
Triangle with Serifs at Bottom⧍⧍U+29CD
Right Triangle Above Left Triangle⧎⧎U+29CE
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar⧏⧏U+29CF
Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle⧐⧐U+29D0
Down-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black⧨⧨U+29E8
Down-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black⧩⧩U+29E9
Large Left Triangle Operator⨞⨞U+2A1E
Plus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹U+2A39
Minus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺U+2A3A
Multiplication Sign In Triangle⨻⨻U+2A3B
Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle Centred⯅⯅U+2BC5
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle Centred⯆⯆U+2BC6
Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle Centred⯇⯇U+2BC7
Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle Centred⯈⯈U+2BC8
Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯬⯬U+2BEC
Upwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯭⯭U+2BED
Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯮⯮U+2BEE
Downwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯯⯯U+2BEF
𝅈Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up White𝅈𝅈U+1D148
𝅉Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Black𝅉𝅉U+1D149
𝅊Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left White𝅊𝅊U+1D14A
𝅋Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left Black𝅋𝅋U+1D14B
𝅌Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right White𝅌𝅌U+1D14C
𝅍Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right Black𝅍𝅍U+1D14D
𝅎Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down White𝅎𝅎U+1D14E
𝅏Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down Black𝅏𝅏U+1D14F
𝅐Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right White𝅐𝅐U+1D150
𝅑Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right Black𝅑𝅑U+1D151
𝅔Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down White𝅔𝅔U+1D154
𝅕Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down Black𝅕𝅕U+1D155
🔺Up-Pointing Red Triangle🔺🔺U+1F53A
🔻Down-Pointing Red Triangle🔻🔻U+1F53B
🔼Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔼🔼U+1F53C
🔽Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔽🔽U+1F53D
🛆Triangle with Rounded Corners🛆🛆U+1F6C6
🞀Black Left-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞀🞀U+1F780
🞁Black Up-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞁🞁U+1F781
🞂Black Right-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞂🞂U+1F782
🞃Black Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞃🞃U+1F783
🟕Circled Triangle🟕🟕U+1F7D5
🟖Negative Circled Triangle🟖🟖U+1F7D6
🢐Leftwards Triangle Arrowhead🢐🢐U+1F890
🢑Upwards Triangle Arrowhead🢑🢑U+1F891
🢒Rightwards Triangle Arrowhead🢒🢒U+1F892
🢓Downwards Triangle Arrowhead🢓🢓U+1F893
🢔Leftwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢔🢔U+1F894
🢕Upwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢕🢕U+1F895
🢖Rightwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢖🢖U+1F896
🢗Downwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢗🢗U+1F897
Normal Subgroup Of⊲⊲U+22B2
Contains as Normal Subgroup⊳⊳U+22B3
Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⊴⊴U+22B4
Contains as Normal Subgroup or Equal To⊵⊵U+22B5
Not Normal Subgroup Of⋪⋪U+22EA
Does Not Contain as Normal Subgroup⋫⋫U+22EB
Not Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⋬⋬U+22EC
Does Not Contain as Normal Subgroup or Equal⋭⋭U+22ED
ׯHebrew Yod TriangleׯׯU+05EF
Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle⃤⃤U+20E4
Right Triangle⊿⊿U+22BF
Circled Triangle Down⎊⎊U+238A
Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical with Triangle⏃⏃U+23C3
Dentistry Symbol Light Down and Horizontal with Triangle⏄⏄U+23C4
Dentistry Symbol Light Up and Horizontal with Triangle⏅⏅U+23C5
Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle⏩⏩U+23E9
Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle⏪⏪U+23EA
Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle⏫⏫U+23EB
Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle⏬⏬U+23EC
Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏭⏭U+23ED
Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏮⏮U+23EE
Black Right-Pointing Triangle with Double Vertical Bar⏯⏯U+23EF


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