Upside Down Letters

𝅎 𝅏 𝅔 𝅕 🔻 🔽 🞃

Upside Down Triangle SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Black Down-Pointing Triangle▼▼U+25BC
White Down-Pointing Triangle▽▽U+25BD
Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle▾▾U+25BE
White Down-Pointing Small Triangle▾▿U+25BF
Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle⛛⛛U+26DB
Down-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black⧨⧨U+29E8
Down-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black⧩⧩U+29E9
𝅎Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down White𝅎𝅎U+1D14E
𝅏Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down Black𝅏𝅏U+1D14F
𝅔Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down White𝅔𝅔U+1D154
𝅕Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down Black𝅕𝅕U+1D155
Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle⏬⏬U+23EC
🔻Down-Pointing Red Triangle🔻🔻U+1F53B
🔽Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔽🔽U+1F53D
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle⏷⏷U+23F7
Up Down Triangle-Headed Arrow⭥⭥U+2B65
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle Centred⯆⯆U+2BC6
🞃Black Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞃🞃U+1F783
Circled Triangle Down⎊⎊U+238A
Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Triangle⏄⏄U+23C4


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