Wave Letters

⬿ 🌊 🔉 🔊 🕩 🕪 🕬

Wave SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Leftwards Wave Arrow↜↜U+219C
Rightwards Wave Arrow↝↝U+219D
Left Right Wave Arrow↭↭U+21AD
Sine Wave∿∿U+223F
Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical and Wave⏆⏆U+23C6
Dentistry Symbol Light Down and Horizontal with Wave⏇⏇U+23C7
Dentistry Symbol Light Up and Horizontal with Wave⏈⏈U+23C8
Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Right⤳⤳U+2933
⬿Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Left⬿⬿U+2B3F
Wave Dash〜〜U+301C
🌊Water Wave🌊🌊U+1F30A
🔉Speaker with One Sound Wave🔉🔉U+1F509
🔊Speaker with Three Sound Waves🔊🔊U+1F50A
🕩Right Speaker with One Sound Wave🕩🕩U+1F569
🕪Right Speaker with Three Sound Waves🕪🕪U+1F56A
🕬Bullhorn with Sound Waves🕬🕬U+1F56C


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