x-mark Letters

π‘₯ β•³ βœ• βœ– βŠ— ❌ βœ• ❎ βœ— ✘ βœ– βš” β›’ ⓧ ⦻ πŸ†‡ ⊠ γ€· ⌧ β˜’ β¨Ά κ­– κ­— κ­™ ☠ β’³ αΊ‹ ẍ Ẍ Ẋ πŸ…§ β‚“

X mark SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
π‘₯Mathematical Italic Small X𝑥𝑥U+1D465
β•³Box Drawings Light Diagonal Cross╳╳U+2573
βœ•Multiplication X✕✕U+2715
βœ–Heavy Multiplication X✖✖U+2716
βŠ—Circled Times⊗⊗U+2297
❌Cross Mark❌❌U+274C
βœ•Multiplication X✕✕U+2715
❎Negative Squared Cross Mark❎❎U+274E
βœ—Ballot X✗✗U+2717
✘Heavy Ballot X✘✘U+2718
βœ–Heavy Multiplication X✖✖U+2716
βš”Crossed Swords⚔⚔U+2694
β›’Circled Crossing Lanes⛒⛒U+26D2
ⓧCircled Latin Small Letter XⓧⓧU+24E7
⦻Circle with Superimposed X⦻⦻U+29BB
πŸ†‡Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter X🆇🆇U+1F187
⊠Squared Times⊠⊠U+22A0
γ€·Ideographic Telegraph Line Feed Separator Symbol〷〷U+3037
⌧X In A Rectangle Box⌧⌧U+2327
β˜’Ballot Box with X☒☒U+2612
β¨ΆCircled Multiplication Sign with Circumflex Accent⨶⨶U+2A36
κ­–Latin Small Letter X with Low Right RingꭖꭖU+AB56
κ­—Latin Small Letter X with Long Left LegꭗꭗU+AB57
κ­™Latin Small Letter X with Long Left Leg with SerifꭙꭙU+AB59
☠Skull and Crossbones☠☠U+2620
β’³Parenthesized Latin Small Letter X⒳⒳U+24B3
αΊ‹Latin Small Letter X with Dot AboveẋẋU+1E8B
ẍLatin Small Letter X with DiaeresisẍẍU+1E8D
ẌLatin Capital Letter X with DiaeresisẌẌU+1E8C
ẊLatin Capital Letter X with Dot AboveẊẊU+1E8A
πŸ…§Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter X🅧🅧U+1F167
β‚“Latin Subscript Small Letter XₓₓU+2093


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